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Blikcart help to popularize horse riding clubs

Popularizing a horse riding club can help bring in new members, build a community of riders, and increase exposure for the club

We Utilize social media: Use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to reach a wider audience. Share pictures, videos, and updates about the club and its events, and encourage members to share their experiences.

We Participant in events and clinics: Host events and clinics open to the public, such as horse shows, trail rides, and clinics on horsemanship and riding skills. This will give people an opportunity to experience the club and meet its members.

Blikcart is Dutch Company and as Partner with local businesses: As Partner with local businesses, such as feed stores and tack shops, to promote your club and events. You can also host joint events and sponsor each other’s events.

Offer lessons and training: Offer lessons and training programs to people of all levels, from beginners to advanced riders. This will make the club accessible to people of all riding abilities and encourage new members to join.

We support equestrian business to Build a website: we Build a professional and user-friendly website for the club. Include information about the club, its events, members, and any other relevant information.

Reach out to the community: Reach out to the community and local schools to promote the club and its events. You can also participate in local events and fairs to increase visibility and attract new members.

Encourage member involvement: Encourage members to get involved in the club and its events. Members can help with organizing events, volunteering at shows, and spreading the word about the club.


By implementing these strategies and consistently promoting the club, you can help popularize your horse riding club and build a strong and supportive community of riders.

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