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As a general rule, handmade Equestrian is made by dedicated people and families.

It takes years of experience and dedication to create masterpieces of Bridle, Halter, Saddle, etc. So usually the ones that last are the ones who have been working with leather and non-leather the longest. The reason we say this is that when you are creating leather equestrian and accessories by hand, it takes time! For example, Blikcart Equestrian to make in India by well experience artist. And that is with a combination of high-tech machines, specialized tools, and Experience artist!
For our partners manufacturing plant that make equestrian, it’s usually a family with a employees making horses product and accessories.
Do you know why we got into making leather equestrian? Because we wanted to get rich! Well, that was a joke, but we fell in love with making our equestrian creations. We design everything and test them every day to make sure they are useful, reliable, and easy to use and care for. If you pay more than a cheap factory and machine-made equestrian, you would expect to get something that is going to be durable and beautiful. For example, we use veg-tanned leathers, brass hardware, and strong linen threads. Did you know that it takes over 500 holes for the stitching on small halters, bridle, saddle, and accessories. Equestrian leather artisan must prepare every hole beforehand stitching a small piece. That is to ensure that the placement of each hole for the stitch is in the right place. Then 2 needles create a sturdy saddle stitch that is hard to come apart. A machine-made equestrian doesn’t require this. The sewing machine moves quickly and reduces the time to make the equestrian. But the downside of this is that the lock stitching is less durable and can break easily if one stitch is cut.

we know it sounds weird, and what is a durable method of production? Let us explain, with an example how the edges are made with handmade equestrian. Have you ever looked at the edge of a nice handmade leather halter? If they are done right, they will look natural and shiny, retaining the original color of the surface of the leather. It will be slightly darker but this is a very durable leather edge. The only way to achieve this kind of water-resistant and durable edge is using veg tan leather which requires the craftsman to prepare, sand, and burnish the edges.