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Bridle Guide

Bridle Size Guide

As a general rule, most bridles can be fitted with the first set of measurements we have provided, however, if you require more detailed measurements, we have included them below.

Alternatively, if your horse has a difficult fitting, you can simply request that parts of your bridle be substituted for the next size. For example, if your horse has a wide forehead, they may need the next size up on the browband, but the rest of the bridle fits perfectly within the size below

If you would like us to substitute any part, please send us a note, which is available when you check out.

Ensure your measurement falls between the smallest and largest sizes shown in the table below. Once you have these three measurements, compare them to our chart. All sizes overlap, allowing for adjustments for horses in between.

  • Measurement A (bit to bit) – Measure from the top of your horse’s bit (where the cheekpiece connects) behind its ears and down the other side.

  • Measurement B (around the nose) – Measure around your horse’s nose, where the noseband will sit (exceptions are the grackle and drop styles, which are detailed below).

  • Measurement C (browband length) – You can measure the length of your browband by measuring from one end to the other, or if you are a new horse without a bridle yet, use the image below to figure out that measurement. Choose the size that best fits your measurement, and if your horse is clearly in between sizes, choose the larger one, as the browband may pinch his ears and cause discomfort to him.

Where to Measure for your Bridle

Where to Measure for your Browband